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Right here in Ozark County…

On this page…area information you can use. Click on “Member Directory”. Select “type of business” (Accommodations, recreation, real estate, etc.)You will find an alphabetical listing of all members in that business category, complete with name; address, telephone number, email address and “clickable” web address. You can now select “Events” and see what events are coming up in Ozark County.

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US Highway 160 crosses Ozark County East to West. There are some straight stretches, but this is Ozark County…so we’ll just say HWY 160 is “scenic”. Cloud 9 is a recreational area for RV parking at Caulfield. H highway invites you to take a look at our well-known float streams, Bryant Creek and North Fork River. Hwy PP is your route to Dawt Mill. At Tecumseh you cross the headwaters of Norfolk Lake on a new concrete bridge that MO-Dot proudly painted US 160 on the lower side for boaters to read. One of the more challenging stretches of Hwy 160 is going up the hill west of that bridge. Highway 181 just East of Gainesville is the route to Hodgson and Rockbridge mills. Stop in Gainesville and circle the square. You’ll find a genuine log building and plaques on the court- house lawn with a history of the area. On the West Side of the Square is the Historium (more history of Ozark CO.)

MO HWY 5 bisects the county North/South. HWY W off of 5 South leads to a Bull Shoals Lake Marina and re
sorts at Pontiac. Continuing West on HWY 160, HH Hwy at Isabella leads to resorts on the Spring Creek Arm. A long, high metal bridge crosses Bull Shoals Lake at Theodosia. Note the Marina, resort and restaurant off the West end. West of “downtown” Theodosia is P Hwy and then OO Hwy. Both lead to resorts on Bull Shoals. Hwy 160 in Ozark County crosses TWO of the FIVE White River Lakes. We invite you to explore the side roads to really SEE Ozark County.


Did you know… Picture galleries of the last weather happening or community event can be found on the Ozark County Times web page? Click on “Ozark County Times” in the column on the left side of this screen. Then click on the current picture gallery on the lower left side of that screen. ‘Want more information on Ozark County? Find more of the HERE, NOW, and the way it WAS at http://www.missouripublicrecord.com & select Ozark County.